1. Start the FluzFluz Airdrop Telegram Bot
  2. Read the instructions and select “I understand” once you are ready to proceed
  3. Join FluzFluz Telegram Community
  4. Join FluzFluz Telegram News
  5. Submit your email address, ensure you input a valid one as you will be required to verify, and this is how you will be notified on how you can collect your tokens
  6. You will receive 50 FluzCoin (FFC). If you are a holder of at least 1 FLUZ token or wish to purchase 1 FLUZ token, you will receive an additional 100 FLUZ tokens per referral. If you don’t hold, or want to purchase the FLUZ token, select “No” and then “I don’t want extra FLUZ”
  7. Invite your friends and earn 10 FFC tokens each referral

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